About Hahndorf Bus Tours

Nathan first started in tourism in 1992. I was taking a group of keen and enthusiastic young people on walking tours of Lakes Entrance in Victoria.  It was here that my love of tourism began.  

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Tourism from La Trobe University in the 1990’s I have gone onto working in remote area and major capital tourism locations.  Ranging from bushwalking, to canoeing, sailing to city walks tours the diverse experience has been rewarding.

Hahndorf Tour Bus was started in 2011 and operates as a small family owned business.  The whole family is involved in business.  From cleaning our mini-buses to understanding how small business operates.  

We live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills on a small rural property overlooking vineyards.  We love the region we live in and the diversity of people that also call this place home.  

There are many amazing sites and experiences to explore and we would love to share these with you.

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